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Why SignetFire?

Are you looking for replacement fire doorsets for your latest project?

We’re partnering with clients and installers to deliver compliant buildings to protect and save lives.

Introducing SignetFire, the ultimate choice for high-performance fire door solutions in the industry.

Designed to meet and exceed industry standards, SignetFire offers a comprehensive door package that ensures optimal fire safety without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.

The Benefits

Fast Quote Turnaround
Standardising Variables
Project Management Support
Technical Expertise
4-week lead time

Building Safety Act

The Grenfell Tower fire (2017) in London exposed critical flaws, prompting reforms for stronger fire safety.

The Building Safety Act aims to prevent similar occurrences.

This act means reducing tragedies by enforcing strict safety measures in all UK buildings.

It mandates robust fire door regulations to enhance building safety and prevent fire spread risks.


Our Solution

Whether for commercial, industrial, or residential applications, SignetFire stands as the ultimate solution for superior fire door performance.

Industry Pains

  • Inconsistent quote turnaround
  • Inconsistent lead times
  • Not enough technical expertise
  • No project management support

Our Solution

  • Fast quote turnaround
  • 4-week lead time
  • Technical expertise
  • Project management