Updated: 19 March 2024

Rob Runs The London Marathon 2024

Rob Howling, a Project Manager here at Dorplan, is running the 2024 London Marathon with the charity Sense.

Sense is a charity founded on the belief that no one, no matter how complex their disabilities, should be included and given the opportunity to live there lives to the fullest. Their experts offer personalised support through their centres, holidays and short breaks, or in people’s own homes. They are here for everyone who needs them, for as long as they need them – providing early intervention for children, helping young people access education, and supporting the transition into adulthood and beyond.

We asked Rob his motivation behind running this marathon:

“I decided to enter the ballot for the London Marathon 2024 as I had stopped playing football after 25 years and needed a challenge to set myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the entry for the free ballot, however, I was accepted by the charity Sense to run on their behalf and raise awareness of their charity.
Sense help and support those in life by making sure that no matter how complex their disabilities, they are not isolated, left out, or unable to fulfill their potential. They help all ages from young people through to adulthood, and the story of their support is remarkable and proves everyone deserves support in their life.
Another reason for me to run this marathon, is my Dad & Grandma ran the Marathon in 1989 (35 years ago this year) so I wanted join the club! Alongside this, our Grandma has passed away since I was accepted for the London Marathon, so it will make it even more special for my Dad and his memories of the day he ran it with his Mum.”

About the London Marathon:

The London Marathon started in 1981 and over the last 42 years, is among the most well known marathons in the world. The marathon is 26.2 miles which is 42.2 kilometers, starting in Greenwich and taking the runners through some of London’s most popular landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf, to finish in St. James Park. Over a million people have completed the course and more than a billion British pounds has been raised for charity. The history of the London Marathon starts in 1970 with the New Your City marathon which inspired the London Marathon to show the city off and bring joy, fun and unity to the runners and supporters.
The first marathon in 1981 saw 7,741 runners across the Greenwich start line which has grown enormously with the 2023 record breaking Marathon of 49,272 runners, and raising over 39 million pounds for charity. The London Marathon’s history is filled with inspiring stories, displays of strength, determination and incredible feats.

To support Rob in his Marathon with Team Sense, click here.

To learn more about Sense, click here.

To learn more about the London Marathon, click here.



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