Our PuraSound timber doorsets use a variety of cores, seals and glazing types to achieve dB ratings from 29dB up to 55dB. Automatic drop seals are installed into the bottom of doors and concealed from view. These seals have added benefits in reducing draughts, light penetration and odour circulation.

Acoustic perimeter seals are often combined with intumescent strips when the door is also a fire door, although surface fit options are available if preferred. Glazing can be incorporated into doors or adjoining screens.

Standard Acoustic Ratings

PuraSound's comprehensive range of standard acoustic ratings caters to various needs, spanning from 30dB to 55dB in 5-decibel increments, ensuring optimum sound insulation for diverse environments.

Acoustic Door 30dB

Acoustic Door 35dB

Acoustic Door 45dB

Acoustic Door 50dB

Acoustic Door 55dB

Acoustic Door 40dB

Fire Ratings

Fully accredited by Q-Mark or Certifire, PuraDor is suitable for the following fire-ratings:

Fire rating


There are many types of lippings available, however the most popular types of lippings are exposed or concealed hardwood lippings, as shown in these images.

Concealed Lipping
Exposed Lipping

Size Options

These are our standard sizes; bespoke sizes are available on request.

Metric Imperial
926 x 2040 914 x 1981mm
826 x 2040 864 x 1981mm
726 x 2040 838 x 1981mm
626 x 2040 762 x 1981mm
526 x 2040 686 x 1981mm
426 x 2040 610 x 1981mm
- 533 x 1981mm
- 457 x 1981mm

Accreditations & Certificates

Our wide range of accreditation sets us apart from other door manufacturers. We invest heavily in our certification to ensure that we meet all the current standards.

SBD Member Certificate

Q Mark PAS24 Manufacturer Certificate

Q Mark Fire Door Manufacturer Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate

FSC Certificate

Constructionline Gold Certificate

Certifire Certificate 2020

Frames & Architraves

As standard, all our single doorsets are delivered pre-hung in the frame. As part of our quality check procedure, every door is checked for compliant gaps and quality prior to dispatch. We can also offer frames flat packed in advance to support site schedules. Our Expa-Fit brand is our unique framing system for speedy installation. Saving you over £130 in installation costs per doorset, it requires minimal work, time, and tools to fit on site.

Frame Options

Split Frame with Loose Stops & Architraves

Split Frame with Integral Architraves Loose Stop

Frame Detail Shadow Gap with Loose Stop

Frame Detail Rebated Stop

Frame Detail Loose Stop

Frame Detail Extension Liner

Frame Detail Double Action


Ogee Architrave Detail

Radiused 1 Edge Architrave Detail

Radiused 2 Edges Architrave Detail

Square Architrave Detail

Chamfer & Rounded Architrave Detail



This is our most popular option for painted frames. Suitable for security and acoustic doorsets and for fire ratings up to FD30.

Fire rating


Excellent for durability and security. A variety of wood species is available. Finish options include painted, lacquered, or stained. Suitable for security and acoustic doorsets and for fire ratings up to FD120.

Fire rating


Another popular option, providing a smooth surface that often gives the best painted finish. It can also be veneer wrapped as a cost-effective solution for a hardwood appearance. Suitable for fire ratings up to FD60.

Fire rating

Vision Panels

Vision panels can help to increase visibility, distribute light and enhance design. In certain locations, such as entrances, they are a legal requirement with defined minimum sizes (see below).

Some of our most popular vision panel styles are shown here but we can make panels to any size and shape. For fire and sound-rated doors there may be some restrictions but we will guide you through the requirements to make sure these are maintained.


Vision panels in entrance doors

These are governed by the Government's Building Regulations parts M (Access to buildings) and K (Protection from falling, collision and impact). This diagram shows the minimum requirements for vision panels in entrance doors.

Diagram 10.1: Visibility requirements of doors


There are two main types of beading for vision panels: bolection and flush. Beading is supplied in hardwood species, with a finish to complement the door. For a fire door, intumescents are installed between the glass and the door.


Flush Beading Detail

Bolection Beading Detail


Bespoke panels over or to the side of a door can be seamlessly integrated. They may be filled with glass or designer panels to complement styling of the door or room. We will advise on how to incorporate these to maintain fire and acoustic ratings

Glass types

There is a wide range of glass types available. We work with your requirements to deliver the right design without compromising on fire, security or acoustic ratings.

Below is a table of the most common glass types we use. To understand these products, please see below key which helps to understand the glass and their uses.

The EW classification of fire resistance guarantees the integrity of the glass when under extreme pressure from fire, smoke and hot gases.
Fire-resistant glass with the EI classification provides additional thermal insulation alongside protection from fire, smoke and hot gases.
6.4mm CLEAR LAMINATE - 2(B)2 - 33dB
6.8mm ACOUSTIC LAMINATE - 1(B)1 - 35dB
8.8mm ACOUSTIC LAMINATE - 1(B)1 - 37dB
PYROBELITE 7 - EW30 - 3(B)3 - 34db
7.2mm PYROGUARD EW30 - 2(B)2 - 33db
15MM PYROSTOP EI30 (INT) - 2(B)2 - 38db
PYROBELITE 12 - EW60 - 2(B)2 - 36dB
23mm PYROGUARD EI60 (INT) - 1(B)1 - 43db
PYROBEL 25 - EI60 1(B)1 - 40db

Finish Options

Doors can be finished to suit your requirements and we can support you in the co-ordination of finishes across your whole project. Some of our most popular options are shown below and we can source many others. For a true representation of colour or finish, please ask us for a sample.

Paint finishes

At Dorplan, we understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to their doors. That's why we offer the choice of two paint finishes - primed or factory finished. Whether you want the flexibility to customize the finish yourself or prefer a professional and convenient option, we have you covered.

White painted door finish option swatch
Man in white overalls stood in a spray painting workshop in front of several yellow, hanging doors
Factory finish

Wood Veneers

We offer a wide range of veneers to suit your design requirements. Please find below our swatch of our standard veneers, however, others can be sourced upon request. Please get in touch with our team.

Crown Cut
Quarter Cut

Please see section below which explains Veneer Cuts.


Dorplan Veneer Swatch

Special veneer and stain finishes

We offer a wide range of special finishes including pre-dyed veneers and stained finishes. Among our most popular finishes is black stained oak, medium grey oak and limed finishes. Lacquering comes as an option of between 5% dead matt up to a high gloss effect at 30%.


Dorplan Special Veneers and Stains Swatch

Veneer cuts

The 2 main types of veneer cuts are Crown Cut and Quarter Cut. Crown is a cross section of the tree giving a lot more character to the wood, as opposed to Quarter Cut which is cut in sections to give a close grain effect.

Crown cut
Quarter cut


Veneers can be matched in different ways to achieve a variety of effects as shown below.

Book match
Veneers are mirrored to give a symmetrical effect.
Veneers are mirrored and turned to give an effect radiating from a central point.
Leaves are laid side by side to give a gradually-varying repeat pattern
Book matching
Quarter matching
Slip matching


A durable, scratch-and damage-resistant alternative to wood or paint, with particular suitability for public buildings or hygiene settings. Matching finishes can be achieved on frames.

The range of laminate options is almost endless. There are different designs and textures to achieve an authentic and natural feel.

See below swatches for both plain colour and wood effect laminates. Shown in these are just a few of the myriad choices available. Please get in touch with our team today and we can help to meet the exact requirements for your project.

Seen something you like online? Let us know and we can source samples for you.


Dorplan Plain Colour Laminate Swatch

Packaging & delivery

Doorsets can be supplied in any combination to suit project schedules and site requirements. As standard, Dorplan deliver single packaged doorsets, pre-hung in the frame with recessed ironmongery. At the other end of the scale, depending on site requirements, we are to supply flat-packed elements in separate deliveries at different times.

As part of our Quality Checking Procedure, every single doorset is pre-hung, gap checked, and quality checked with photographs of every doorsets before packaging and dispatch. This instils confidence in our customers that we deliver quality products, on time, every time.

Single package
Palletised stacks

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