Updated: 05 March 2024

BM Trada: Achieving Enhanced Security and Fire Safety

In today’s ever-evolving security and fire safety landscape, ensuring the safety of properties and people is paramount. This concern extends to all aspects of building design, including doors and doorsets. For those seeking robust security and fire doorset solutions without compromising aesthetics, BM Trada certified doorsets present a compelling option.

Dorplan have been certified by BM Trada Standards. The standards include PAS 24:2016, BS 644:2012 Timber, and STD 006. These standards cover Enhanced Security Doorsets and Fire Door Manufacture.

PAS 24:2016: This British Standard specifies the enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets intended to resist intrusion. PAS 24:2016 certification ensures that our doorsets have undergone rigorous testing to withstand common methods of forced entry.

BS 644:2012 Timber: This British Standard outlines the specifications for timber doors, including materials, dimensions, and performance requirements. BS 644:2012 ensures our timber doors meet stringent quality and durability standards, offering not only security but also longevity and aesthetic appeal.

STD 006: This standard ensures that fire doors undergo comprehensive testing to assess their performance in fire conditions. Certified fire doors provide reliable protection in the event of a fire. STD 006 compliance means our doorsets have sufficient resistance to fire and smoke and help to contain the spread and minimize damage. This standard also verifies systems in place to ensure consistency and reliability in the production of fire doors.

BM Trada certification is widely recognized as a mark of quality and compliance within the fire and security door industry. By obtaining BM Trada certification, we demonstrate our commitment to producing fire and security doors that meet the highest industry standards of safety and performance.

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