Published: 14 August 2023

Certification – Worth more than the paper it’s written on

At Dorplan, fire safety is as much an ethos as it is about meeting the requirements of a certificate.

It runs through the training we give our teams and through the personal responsibility people take for each stage of the production process. Here’s how we give ourselves peace of mind that your fire door will do its job if called upon.

Making sure your doors are safe starts as soon as your enquiry comes in: fire requirements are a key check for the estimating team. A schedule is produced based on relevant fire documentation and any global assessments relating to the specification.

All of this is followed through to the quotation, so even if you didn’t cover everything in your specification, we will cover it in our quote.

Once you have placed your order the schedule is checked by a project manager (PM) to make sure it has had at least two checks by different people. The PM will establish the best procurement route to suit the specified fire ratings. An updated schedule, which includes details of the fire standards and components required to build the doorset, is shared with you for sign off.

In the factory a team leader will take personal responsibility for your project, ensuring every doorset in the schedule contains the correct components. Meanwhile a production pack (including installation instructions) is collated.

Once the doorset has been produced the whole package is checked again by quality control.

Only now will it be deemed ready for certification and despatch to you, giving both you and us peace of mind that your door is a safe fire door.

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