Updated: 12 March 2024

The Importance of Certifire Certification 2020

In fire safety and prevention, Certifire Certification stands as a beacon of trust and reliability. Ensuring that our fire protection systems meet stringent standards has become more critical than ever, and this certification remains an indispensable asset in safeguarding lives and property.

Certifire Certification, administered by Warringtonfire, a leading global provider of testing, inspection, and certification services, Certifire signifies compliance with rigorous industry standards and regulations. It serves as a quality mark for fire protection products, including doors and doorsets.

To obtain Certifire Certification, Dorplan doorsets have undergone comprehensive testing procedures, ensuring they meet stringent criteria for fire resistance, durability, and functionality. This certification covers various aspects, including:

  • Fire Resistance: Our doorsets undergo rigorous testing to determine their ability to withstand fire for specified durations, ensuring they contribute to effective fire containment strategies.
  • Durability: Certifire evaluates the longevity and reliability of our doors and doorsets under various conditions, ensuring they maintain their efficacy over time.
  • Functionality: Beyond fire resistance, our certified doorsets are assessed for their operational performance, including factors such as ease of use, security, and accessibility.

In an industry where safety is non-negotiable, Certifire Certification offers peace of mind to property owners, facility managers, and occupants alike. By investing in Certifire-certified door and doorsets, stakeholders can be confident in the reliability and effectiveness of their fire protection systems. Whether it’s a commercial high-rise, a residential complex, or an industrial facility, adhering to Certifire standards is synonymous with prioritizing safety. It remains an indispensable tool for fostering confidence, driving innovation, and safeguarding lives and property.

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