Updated: 09 October 2023

Dorplan supports Fire Door Safety Week 2023

The British Woodworking Federation’s Fire Door Safety Week is an annual campaign aimed at raising awareness about the importance of fire doors in ensuring fire safety in buildings. The campaign was initiated back in 2013 as a response to a history of neglect toward fire doors. This year the campaign runs from 25th to 29th September.

Fire doors are specially designed and constructed to resist the spread of fire and smoke, providing crucial protection to occupants and property during a fire incident.

The campaign typically involves various activities and initiatives to educate and inform the public, building owners, and professionals in the construction industry about the significance of fire doors. This includes providing information on how to properly maintain, inspect, and install fire doors, as well as emphasising the role they play in saving lives and preventing the rapid spread of fires.

Fire Door Safety Week serves as an important reminder that fire doors are a critical element of fire safety and can save lives in the event of a fire. By raising awareness and promoting good practices, the campaign aims to reduce the risks associated with fires and improve overall fire safety standards in buildings across the UK.

It’s important for individuals and organisations to take fire safety seriously and recognise the vital role that fire doors play in safeguarding lives and property in the event of a fire.

The responsibility for ensuring the proper functioning of fire doors is shared by all parties involved, ranging from manufacturers to building users. This collaborative effort is the driving force behind the annual Fire Door Safety Week campaign, which aims to promote fire door awareness and safety.

At Dorplan, our top priority is to ensure that the fire doors we provide meet your safety requirements. With over 30 years of professional experience in our field, we not only supply our customers with fire doors but also educate them on the necessary requirements, offering safer and more reliable products. Our mission is to enhance your safety, offering doors that shield you from danger and lead you toward a safer future.

For more information about Fire Door Safety Week, visit www.firedoorsafetyweek.co.uk

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