Updated: 14 August 2023

Expa-fit: save time, save £130 per doorset

GONE: The need for on-site measuring, trimming, constructing, fitting and decorating a doorset.

HERE: Expa-fit. quick, easy, stylish and money saving!

Expa-fit is Dorplan’s exclusive framing system that arrives ready to fit.

It has been engineered to fit the aperture.
It has been factory finished or veneer wrapped (although it can be primed if preferred).
Ironmongery has been pre-fitted.
The door has been hung in the frame.
All the on-site fitter needs to do is unpack it, put it in the aperture and secure it.

All this significantly reduces the time, labour and materials needed on site to complete installation – and that saves money too. We estimate it can be as much as £130 per doorset compared to traditional fitting and decoration methods.

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