Updated: 22 December 2023

Famous Doors: Notting Hill

The blue door featured in the 1999 romantic comedy film “Notting Hill” has become an iconic symbol for fans of the movie and tourists visiting the area. The house, located at 280 Westbourne Park Road in Notting Hill, London, gained fame as the residence of the character William Thacker, played by Hugh Grant. The blue door became a significant backdrop for many scenes in the movie, including the memorable encounter between William and the famous actress Anna Scott, played by Julia Roberts.

After the success of the film, the blue door quickly became a popular tourist attraction. Fans of the movie would often visit the area to take pictures in front of the door and re-enact scenes from the film. The popularity of the door even led to its occasional repainting in order to maintain its iconic appearance.

Despite the door’s fame, the house itself remains a private residence, and visitors are encouraged to be respectful of the current occupants’ privacy when visiting the area. Over the years, the blue door has come to symbolise the romantic charm and whimsical appeal of Notting Hill, contributing to the neighbourhood’s enduring popularity as a cultural and tourist destination.

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