Updated: 14 August 2023

Fire Safety Week: 24th-30th September 2018

Are you safe?  Are you sure?  Dorplan are here to secure your safety.

The #FireSafetyWeek campaign is set up to raise awareness of the critical role of fire doors, drawing attention to a legacy of neglect and specific concerns related to product selection, installation and maintenance.

With over 4 million new fire doors bought and installed every year in the UK, the vast majority made from timber, fire doors are often the first line of defence in a fire and their correct specification, maintenance and management can be the difference between life and death for building occupants. However, they remain a significant area of neglect, often the first thing to be downgraded on a specification and mismanaged throughout their service life, propped open, damaged and badly maintained.

At Dorplan it is our first concern to ensure that the fire doors we supply, fit the safety measures that you need. However, being professionals in our field with over 25 years of experience behind us, we not only supply our customers with fire doors, but educate them in the requirements they need, offering them safer and more reliable products. We are here to make your life safer, providing doors to shut out the danger and open you into the future. Choose the fire door you want to protect you! www.dorplan.co.uk/doors

When did you last check your building’s fire doors? As a business Dorplan is supporting this campaign by promoting the #30second fire door check.

Use the #30second fire door check below to make sure your fire doors will shut on fire and smoke, to protect you and your business.

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