Published: 14 August 2023

How is a door soundproofed?

Every door, even one with a paper core, will offer some level of sound reduction through the mere fact of it forming a barrier to the passage of sound waves.

However, given that sound waves travel better through air particles than solid objects, making the door a more solid barrier will help to reduce the passage of sound.

Dorplan’s 44mm PuraSound solid door leaf is generally suitable for a doorset requiring a reduction of 29-32dB, while our 54mm door leaf can achieve 34-35dB. For specialist applications we have an 85mm door that offers up to 55dB.

The door leaf is only part of the story, though. Gaps around the edge of the door create opportunities for sound waves to travel more easily, which is why acoustic doorsets need sealing systems to work properly.

Perimeter, meeting stile and door bottom seals must be employed in combination to achieve the full performance capability.

This needs to be carefully considered where doors are also fire-rated because of the need for intumescent seals but Dorplan has many products available which have both acoustic and intumescent properties.

Glazing can also to improve sound attenuation. Sound waves need air particles to travel through and although the gap between sheets of glazing is not a true vacuum, the reduced number of particles present means glazed units can offer excellent sound reduction.

With hardware, the main impact on acoustics is caused when it requires drilling right through the door, such as in the case of lever handles, or where it causes an interruption in the door seals. This can be compensated for through careful product selection, for example using lever sets with back plates that will allow for the use of sealant.

Dorplan can advise on selecting hardware that will maintain the overall performance of the door.

Finally, installation is everything. Even tiny gaps can make a huge difference to the performance of the door so careful attention to detail in fitting will ensure your doorset meets its advertised performance.

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