Updated: 20 October 2023

Mixed-use development at Lewisham Gateway

Lewisham, a vibrant borough in South London, is recognized for its cultural and social diversity and has a rich history that dates back to the Saxon period. It is known for its bustling high street, markets, and a strong sense of community spirit.

The area that is now Lewisham was originally settled by the Jutes, an early Germanic tribe, around the 6th century. The name Lewisham is believed to have Saxon origins, with “ham” meaning a settlement and “lewis” potentially derived from the name of a local chieftain.

The 18th and 19th centuries brought significant changes to Lewisham with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The opening of the railway in 1849, connecting Lewisham to London, led to an influx of people and increased urbanization. This period marked the beginning of the transformation of Lewisham into a more urbanized area.

In recent decades, Lewisham has become a diverse and vibrant community known for its cultural diversity, green spaces, and a thriving local economy. It remains an area of continued growth and development, with ongoing efforts to maintain its unique identity while adapting to the demands of the modern era.

Lewisham Gateway is a development of mixed-use buildings by Muse Developments.

Dorplan are working with Balfour Beatty supplying a total 4,582 doorsets (5,314 doors), including ironmongery for the Buy-To-Let scheme.

This is an ongoing project with Dorplan supplying 649 PAS24 doorsets featuring Access Control Locks.

For more information about the Lewisham Gateway project visit the Muse website https://museplaces.com/our-places/lewisham-gateway/ or read the Balfour Beatty press release https://www.balfourbeatty.com/media-centre/latest/balfour-beatty-awarded-197-million-lewisham-gateway-phase-two-regeneration-contract/

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