Updated: 14 August 2023

Pre-hung doorsets with fitted ironmongery

Most of the work to fit a door happens on site, right? Not necessarily!

Dorplan offers enormous flexibility in how its products are delivered and not just in terms of how they are packaged up and delivered.

We can do all the recessing for the ironmongery before the doors are sent. This can be achieved to an exceptional degree of accuracy, using our programmable CNC machines. Or we can save you even more time by fitting the ironmongery as well.

We can also pre-hang the doors in the frames, meaning that all the on-site carpenter has to do is slot the frame into the aperture and fix it. With our Expa-fit fast-fit framing system, this can be achieved in minutes. Factory-finished doorsets remove the need for on-site decoration.

All of which reduces time, tools and work on site. It also reduces risk and, crucially, project costs – we estimate you can save up to £130 in fitting and decoration per doorset.

Find out more about this system on our Expa-fit pages.

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