Updated: 23 May 2024

PuraSound – Our extensive range of acoustic doors

Dorplan offers an extensive range of acoustic doorsets, suitable for general and specialist projects.

Our standard ranges from 29-35dB are suitable for most applications requiring sound attenuation, such as many hotels, residential properties and schools.

Some hotel chains prefer a higher-rated doorset, and for these we supply doorsets up to 45dB.

For specialist settings, such as theatres and film studios, we supply doorsets up to 55dB.

As this article is published we’re currently working on a project at Elstree Studios, where we are supplying sets of 50dB doors. We regularly supply theatres and other entertainment venues, such as the Theatre Royal, Norwich.

For more information on our acoustic ranges, please see our PuraSound pages. (link to PuraSound)

But do you just want an acoustic door?

Our customers often want an acoustic door that is also fire-rated, or secure, or they need a door that does all three.

All our acoustic doors can be offered at FD30 and FD60. Many are also available with PAS24 certification.

To discuss your requirements, please call and we will be happy to specify a doorset for all your needs.

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