Updated: 08 February 2024

Secured by Design: Reducing Crime by Good Design

Secured by Design (SBD) is a UK police enterprise aimed at lessening crime through effective design and security measures. The initiative works with architects, developers, and manufacturers to incorporate crime prevention techniques into the design of buildings and products. The Secured by Design Certificate is awarded to products, such as doors, windows, and security systems, that meet the security standards set by the SBD initiative.

Dorplan first became a Secured by Design licence holder in 2019 and have continued to hold this prestigious licence since. To attain the Secured by Design license, Dorplan underwent a thorough evaluation process conducted by SBD’s team of security experts. This assessment encompassed an in-depth review of our architectural ironmongery and doorset solutions, scrutinizing aspects such as design integrity, construction quality, and functionality.



Key Elements of the SBD Licence:

  1. Our products were scrutinised to determine its resistance to forced entry, vandalism, and other physical attacks.
  2. Our doorsets and ironmongery’s ability was tested to evaluate wear and tear over time to ensure its long-term effectiveness in maintaining security.
  3. Our products functionality and ease of use was assessed to ensure that it can be effectively operated by users while still providing robust security.
  4. Assessments were made of our products to make sure they are compliant with relevant industry standards to ensure that they exceed the minimum requirements for security and safety.
  5. Our production processes and quality control measures were reviewed to ensure consistency in the manufacturing of SBD-certified products.

This renowned certification underpins Dorplan’s commitment to deliver security solutions that meet the rigorous standards set forth by the SBD initiative, to help with the prevention of crime, building trust and assurance, increasing community well-being, and maximum safety for all.

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