Updated: 13 October 2023

The World’s Most Famous Door

Your doors are important to your homes. They prevent heat and air from escaping, improve your homes curb appeal and protect you from intruders.

However, some doors are important on a global scale. They are symbols of faith, tell stories for generations and are cultural icons. Let us start with the most significant door in the world…

Located in the City of Westminster at 10 Downing Street, the Number 10, as we all know, is the entrance to the headquarters of the executive branch of the British Government. It’s also where the Prime Minister of England resides.

1732- The property was given to Sir Robert Walpole by King George II. He made it the official residency of the First Lord of the Treasury.

1735- Moving day for Walpole, after 3 years of renovations! The tradition began, which has lasted 284 years.

1766- The front door is redesigned by architect Kenton Couse in a six-panelled Georgian style and made from black oak

1770- Door installed, featuring a center door knob, lion head door knocker and brass letter plate which bore the inscription ‘First Lord of the Treasury’

1779- Downing Street is renumbered and the property is given the number ‘10’

1908- Herbert Asquith becomes Prime Minister and paints the door dark green

1960- The doors original colour is restored and new white numerals are put on the door. However, the ‘0‘numeral is painted at a 37° degree angle sloping to the left. Rumour has it, that it’s actually a capital ‘O’.

1991- We wave farewell to the black oak door as it gets replaced by a blast proof steel door following an IRA mortar attack on Downing Street.

But did you know ….?

  • The door cannot be opened from the outside
  • The letter plate is purely decorative
  • A security guard is situated inside the door at all times to view people approaching the door via a camera and grant access
  • The rarely seen inside of the door is white and features a polished brass door handle on a backplate
  • You can see the previous door at the Churchill Museum in London
  • There’s actually 2 doors which are alternated approximately every 2 years to be repainted

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