Updated: 01 February 2024

What is a Doorset?

The concept of doorsets has been known in the UK for several decades. The use of doorsets became more common as building standards evolved and the focus on safety, security, and fire protection increased.

Doorsets, which typically include the door frame, door leaf, and necessary hardware, are often preferred in commercial and public buildings for their standardised construction, ease of installation, and enhanced performance characteristics compared to individual doors and frames.

While the specific date of their introduction may be difficult to pinpoint, their usage has become more widespread in the UK over the past few decades, especially in the context of building regulations and compliance with safety standards.

The British Standard BS EN 12519 defines a fire doorset as; ‘A complete unit consisting of a door frame and a door leaf or leaves, supplied with all essential parts from a single source’. This definition emphasises the idea of a fire doorset as a cohesive and integrated system designed to meet specific standards and requirements for fire resistance.

Fire doorsets are crucial elements in building safety, as they are designed to contain the spread of fire and smoke, providing a barrier that helps protect lives and property. Standards such as BS EN 12519 provide guidelines and specifications to ensure that fire doorsets meet the necessary criteria for effective performance in the event of a fire. Users and professionals in the construction and building management industries typically refer to such standards to ensure compliance and safety.

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