Chamfer & Rounded Architrave Detail

Ogee Architrave Detail

Radiused 1 Edge Architrave Detail

Radiused 2 Edges Architrave Detail

Square Architrave Detail


Bolection Beading Detail

Flush Beading Detail

Finish Options

Dorplan Plain Colour Laminate Swatch

Dorplan Special Veneers and Stains Swatch

Dorplan Veneer Swatch

Frame Options

Frame Detail Double Action

Frame Detail Extension Liner

Frame Detail Loose Stop

Frame Detail Rebated Stop

Frame Detail Shadow Gap with Loose Stop

Split Frame with Integral Architraves Loose Stop

Split Frame with Loose Stops & Architraves

Standard Acoustic Ratings

Acoustic Door 30dB

Acoustic Door 35dB

Acoustic Door 45dB

Acoustic Door 50dB

Acoustic Door 55dB